Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Need to Know (Now!) Basis

This post isn't anything new. If you are a learning professional, what I am writing is something that you've been experiencing for quite some time. I decided to write this post because some organizations haven't yet moved in the "learning on demand" direction. For some, training is still very traditional, and social learning is synonymous with playing around on Facebook all day. Whatever assumptions there are, it is very apparent that employees are using a user centric model to access information at the time they need it. Knowing this and embracing it are two different concepts. 
Ask yourself: 
  • Does your organization allow employees to use Youtube to surf for helpful videos? 
  • Are training Webinars uploaded and easily findable? 
  • To create a portal for social learning, are you using Ning or another social networking platform to connect employees?
  • Has management decided to use Salesforce or Sugar CRM to provide an accessible communication platform to monitor customers, sales needs, or budgets?
Face-to-face learning will never completely go out of style, but a lot of time and money can be saved if employees have access to the information they need at the time they need it. 

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