Monday, May 14, 2012

eLearning Challenges: Why Graphics Aren't Everything

I grabbed your attention, didn't I? But can I keep it?
There have been a rush of new tools out there which are helping people create online learning programs. Articulate Storyline is one, and Zebrazapps is another. As excited as I am about these new technologies, it is really important to recognize that graphics don't create learning. Over and over I have seen great graphics on one screen, then confusing multiple choice text-based questions on the next. Or, a choose your-own-avatar scenario, which then turns into a true and false screen.
Now we have the tools, so why do we keep choosing text-based quizzing as our learning environment of choice? I have made the same mistakes, and I am trying to fix them. When I get discouraged, I just keep repeating Connect with Haji Kamal, Connect with Haji Kamal, to remind myself that great elearning can take place. 

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