Monday, May 7, 2012

ELearning and Instructional Design Certification Reflections

Let's be honest. At heart, I am a big tech nerd. My husband and I connected over OS X, and to make matters even worse, he showed up in a Linux t-shirt on our first date. In the last month, as I have settled into my decision to work within the elearning context of the training & development industry, I feel kind of sneaky, like have gotten away with something. As I dig even further into good elearning examples, I'm feeling my creative ideas from teaching and the technology from promoting the library blend together like a magical concoction. I'm in my zone. That being said, I have a grin on my face after completing my two day certification program. After the sessions I am much more comfortable standing up for the type of elearning I believe in. The program was taught by the fabulously goofy Ethan Edwards, who is the Chief Instructional Strategist for Allen Interactions. I was honestly a bit hesitant to attend this session knowing that Michael Allen, the founder of Allen Innovations has been prominent in the field for over ten years. I've kept up-to-date with effective elearning models, and I was curious to know how the samples in this workshop compared. This did not disappoint, and I now have a lot of new ideas to take with me when I go back to Chicago.

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